The sign of Aries with a purple starred background

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, December 27, 2020: New opportunities looming over the horizon

The stars will have a positive influence in romantic affairs


Aries, you're in for a pleasant Sunday as far as matters of the heart are concerned. Everything will feel like a bed of roses, the stars will have a positive influence in romantic affairs, and you'll manage to get your feelings straight.

Some of you will get rid of whatever doubts you stored about the loyalty or faithfulness of your partner, and their eyes will show the absolute truth. You'll be a perfect fit with one another, and there's sure to be fireworks going off in the bedroom.

If you're single, being cautious will make you hide your true colours. It's hard for you to take a step further with the person you like, because you think that if you say everything you feel out loud, they'll run away in fear from your life.

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You'd like to be the star of the show at work, you're always after recognition and fame. You dream about being the chosen one when everyone raises their glass for a toast and gives a round of applause.

Be honest and take a moment to think, have you been making any important progress over the last few days (or weeks)? Or are you trying to live off of your past success?

When it comes to work, you need to be reborn every single day. Reminiscing yesterday's achievements is quite counterproductive! Always keep rowing forward, because there's new chances looming on the horizon.


You won't have to be worried about health  at all, and what's more, if you've gone under important surgery recently, you'll notice a significant improvement in your condition.

Bring out your most spiritual side, or your sixth sense, if you'd rather call it that. You'll be able to feel presences around you, messages from people who were important in your life and left for the afterlife. Some of you will even be lucky enough to catch the words that they're trying to convey over to you.

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