Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, July 26, 2020: Play your cards the (right) sensual way

Keep all jealousy-inducing attitudes locked away for the day


Sunday will be a day of contrasts for relationships.  Aries, you're pretty prone to getting angry today, and you could get involved in unexpected fights (even for the silliest of reasons, which lead nowhere).

Keep all jealousy-inducing attitudes locked away for the day, to avoid starting wars that could wound not only hearts but also feelings.

If you're single, today's forecast points out that you'll bump into someone highly attractive at an unusual place where you'll enjoy yourself to the fullest. Venus will protect your love life with all its might, so play your cards the (right) sensual way.


Your head's flying off around the clouds, and the stars' advice is that you should change your attitude to work. You need to project your talent into new directions to explore, and avoid whatever distraction or company that might make you waste time.

Are you waiting for some news on an incoming contract? Be patient, because it looks like you're staying where you are for the time being, which isn't that tragic either.

There's no financial catastrophe happening this July 26th, so you can rest assured as the week comes to a close. Besides, you'll be quick on your feet when running away from all sorts of scams and frauds, which will indeed affect people around you.

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You've got a tendency to complain all too much and too loudly  about your health issues. That's a counterproductive attitude to have, especially because you tend to exaggerate your ailments, and in the end, no one will believe you.

You need to take better care of your feet than usual. You might want to consider an appointment with your trusted foot doctor so that they assess whatever corns, ingrown nails and other classic feet issues arise.