Aries Friday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Friday, February 26, 2021: Time to go on new and great adventures

Today you'll have to make absolute decisions


Aries, if you're single, today you'll go on new and great adventures.  The weekend's just around the corner, all warmed up for you to taste, and your body knows. Still, to avoid any disappointment from coming later, try not to mix love with friendship, because things could get a tinge of awkwardness.

Sheer physical attraction doesn't necessarily have to connect to feelings. Those of you who have an active sexual life but no steady partner should remember to stay safe and avoid your health from paying the price.

And if you're in a relationship at the moment, some of your marital issues could worsen due to a family intervention. Children's upbringing will be the hottest topic.

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Professionally speaking, today you'll have to make absolute decisions.  All or nothing, black or white. Your body's telling you to go into business endeavours where you've got to run risks, but your sixth sense is all in for safety.

As an employee, you should keep quiet and listen in before you do anything, so that there's no need to repeat anything to you.

And if you're currently out of work, today's the best day to show your potential to close contacts. Keeping your talents as a constant word of mouth could be the cover letter you've been longing so desperately for.


There's great improvement coming to your health,  and the work from your kidneys will be perfect. You'll feel quite fine, because they're working better than ever. Still, to keep everything going like a well-oiled machine, you should drink plain water; no alcohol, soft drinks or juice in sight.

Around halfway through the day, your emotions could take a tumble, and you won't have much self-love when you see your reflection in the mirror and find out that you've got some weight you should shed, or that clothes don't look as good on you as they do on models.

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