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Aries Horoscope - Saturday, December 26, 2020: Work on your inner world

Your professional atmosphere is running smooth


Aries, you feel mighty comfortable at home. Your house is your temple, your personal shelter where you can run and hide if something doesn't go well. But it's absolutely forbidden that you vent your frustration onto your partner or kids!

Learn to handle your emotions better. Perhaps it might help to read a self-help book, or to get in the hands of an expert if you're really down in the dumps. Make your partner your ally in progress-making, and don't blame them for your collateral damage.

If you're single, you'll have a tricky Saturday of your own, and it won't be easy to make your romantic plans work, at least not on the first try. That's when you need to double your attention.

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Your professional atmosphere is running smooth.  Everything's under control and being properly managed, and you also have a brilliant common sense that will help you manage time and resources well. You'll dodge mindless temptations and go straight to the point.

But try not to argue, if possible, with people you're watching under your position. One or two of them might be ready to rumble and ask for too many explanations.

You've got to be more restrictive about your finances, because sometimes you'd rather spend money you need into your kids' whims (just to keep them happy and quiet) than bringing your finances into the green safe zone.


The perception each person has for health is individual and non-transferable, so each person feels that their wellness is the right one or not depending on what their heart says. In that sense, you might not be as ill as you say, or as healthy as you think yourself to be. Try to keep yourself at a realistic standpoint.

Invest your time into actions that make you happy. Bring back the hobbies you haven't done in a while, for instance. You can probably rearrange the day to have some free time and work on your inner world during your off hours.

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