Aries Thursday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Thursday, February 25, 2021: You'll try to take center stage

You're fully convinced that there's something great out there


Aries, you're hungry for new sensations.  So far, you've experienced great moments, but you're fully convinced that there's something great out there waiting for you. In a way, you're feeling yourself coming anew, perhaps being reborn from your ashes like a phoenix.

As the week reaches its halfway point, those of you with the most energy will be the ones who've recently ended a long relationship. You'll love yourselves a little better, and you'll be sure that there's great things you can do for the world.

You'll try to take center stage and have everyone look your way. You don't want to let time slip through your fingers, because you've wasted enough of it in the past.

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Some changes are coming to work, and specifically, to the environment there. It's something that had been greatly discussed but not happening just yet. It won't be an issue for you, because you were born under a sign with an outstanding ability to adapt to situations.

If there's any star advice coming, it's that you shouldn't just hand away your knowledge or skills; you're often forced to do things for free (ranging from helping out a friend to doing unpaid overtime). No one's giving you anything in the first place, right?

You'll have a great talent at doing business, you'll be a fair individual, and you'll have a special gift when stretching out your financial resources, now that the month is coming to an end.


Sports will help you forget about mundane issues,  and any activity where your body gets a minimal amount of exercise will give you good results. This should be particularly interesting for you if you've been through a fully sedentary stage.

You're keeping both your sense of humour and sour mood in check. Seeing life from a positive perspective is helping you feel like your tone is better, and you're less tired too, on top of it! Some of you will start dipping into new relaxation techniques.

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