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Aries Horoscope - Friday, December 25, 2020: Be consistent when it comes to love

Your love interest might be waiting for you to take a step further


Aries, having a partner goes beyond giving them something nice for an anniversary,  having a romantic dinner every now and then or going to the movies and order popcorn for two. You need to be more consistent about your partner's needs.

Show them you're concerned about their wellness, that you're the best friend they could ever think of, and that they've got your shoulder to cry on should they ever need it. In the same way, make them see that your hand will boost their flight when the time comes.

If you're single, your love interest might be waiting for you to take a step further, but you're getting tired of always making efforts.

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It'll be a simple day professionally speaking,  and everything will go by according to optimistic predictions.

You'll have to be more rigorous than usual about your budget. Christmas has taken a huge toll on your account, and that's extremely unpleasant. You wish you didn't have to explain yourself to anyone, not even to yourself.

To do some budget cuts, turn off your TV or other appliances whenever you aren't using them, and consider switching phone or Internet providers. If you tighten things up, you'll avoid issues in your nearest future, especially when it comes to cash.


In this day and age, there's plenty of smoke-sellers out there ready to promise what you need just to take away your money.

If you're considering treating a health issue (or mental backlash), trust no one else but medical experts. You could make severe mistakes by embracing alternative therapies or giving blind trust to spiritual gurus.

Having said this, the stars encourage you to do some mild exercise (and no, you can't skip it even if it's Christmas).

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