Aries Horoscope Saturday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, October 24, 2020: You'll be a good team leader

Your forecast predicts that you'll be pretty delicate today


Aries, you've got a great Saturday ahead as far as your married life goes, and there won't be any nasty planets appearing to make your soul or your partner's take a tumble. However, you could be the one to ruin the mood with sudden fits and susceptibility crisis points.

Your forecast predicts that you'll be pretty delicate and will turn around every single comment you get to take it as a personal affront or a piece of harsh criticism. You won't deal with silence too well either, and it won't matter if it's short or endless.

Try to make your rage stay on a far-off, lost road. Don't fall prey to emotional blackmailing, which could lead you into absolute chaos, and appreciate the beauty of your everyday life, because you've got plenty of it.


Venus should provide you with work protection,  which is more than welcome, of course. When it comes to your colleagues, be very careful to avoid creating conflict or an interest clash. Bet your efforts on communication and join everyone's efforts together to row in the same direction.

You'll be a good team leader, and will manage to make everyone see one another on the same page, with no winners or losers.

And as far as money goes, if you spend money the wrong way, no one and nothing (and that includes Venus' power) will stop you from falling into the trouble you create all by yourself. So try to be reasonable and manage your budget cautiously and with class.

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Your body will tell you something's wrong, especially if you've been embracing excess all too wholeheartedly as of lately.

Those ailments will come out through your skin, so you might experience itches or will see spots or blemishes coming up on your skin; some of you will see that through brittle or spotted nails.

Our immune system tells us when something's going wrong. It might be something as simple as a lack of sulphur, poor nutrition, or something more complex, like a problem in your lungs.