Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, November 23, 2020: Turn down any unhealthy or unsafe plans

You should be careful when choosing gifts and their receivers


Aries, you feel you're being avoided  by your partner, they can't or don't want to look into your eyes; it's almost as if they had something to hide. You're growing worried with their attitude, and suspicious with every move they make.

Some of you will consider talking about separation when you're sitting down together; you definitely aren't willing to bear with despise. Besides, you're one to think that break-ups don't necessarily have to be heart-wrenching. You're well aware that no one has ever died from love.

If you're single, you won't be too trusting of the person you're seeing lately. There's something that doesn't quite fit; it looks like they adapt their interests to your own, and they aren't letting their real personality shine through.


You feel lazy about going back to work,  even more so right after the weekend, but you've got no other choice. You should know things won't be as hard as you think they will.

If you've got new colleagues around, you'll come to find they're more skilled than expected for their position, and they'll even share some tips on how to have a better working day.

Your head will keep spinning around when trying to budget, especially because Christmas is right around the corner and you should be careful when choosing gifts and their receivers. Since we've been having a rough year, forget about commitments for good.

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There'll be more excess than you want  this Monday, so you'll have to double your efforts at turning down plans that are unhealthy or completely unsafe.

Working out at home is not a feasible option. Avoid wasting time and money by buying sports equipment that you won't be using later. That stationery bike you're thinking about getting will be nothing but a clothes' hanger the day after tomorrow.

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