Aries Tuesday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, March 23, 2021: Make the very most of success

Look into new horizons with your head held high


Aries, you're a bit absent-minded as far as your love life is concerned. You see time passing by in a weird way, and at the same time, you're afraid about thinking what life has in store for you for tomorrow and beyond.

Fortunately, your beloved will help you escape that downward spiral. Leave that internal torture of yours behind, cleanse your heart and look into new horizons with your head held high.

And if you're single, take an empty box and fill it with all the memories that haunt you inside; close down and seal away a time of your life that's miserable. Ward off the demons that live inside you, and enjoy Tuesday in an oasis of peace and quiet.

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You've woken up ready to take over the world when going to work. People around you will praise your fresh energy; it was about time you went out there, lived your life and were more fierce and competitive.

But don't get obsessed with perfection, because that will make you stiff, when you should actually care for and cherish your wonderful spontaneousness, the one that makes you unique when facing issues during a work day.

If you want to win, go all in head-first, and remember that success must be thoroughly enjoyed. If you don't make the absolute most of it, it's as if it didn't exist.


The fact that the month is coming to an end will be quite a positive source for you, especially to bid farewell to dark thoughts that sometimes affect your sleep at night.

You won't be defeated by misery, you'll stand out for your sensitivity, and keeping in touch with loved ones will allow you to see life under a warmer perspective.

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