Aries Horoscope Thursday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Thursday, July 23, 2020: The simpler things are, the better

The stars advise you to be more concerned about some of your friends


Aries, you're in for a dark and murky day.  You'll be kind of mistrusting towards your partner, you think they're hiding something from you, or even lying straight away.

Despite it all, the stars advise you to be more concerned about some of your friends than your partner; many of those smiles and hugs hide lurking wolves in sheepskin. They take advantage of you and some of your circumstances, but they don't really love you.

Don't let jealousy cloud your sight, find evidence and you'll manage to debunk the rumours that have reached you; also, watch anxiety closer if you're looking for love. It's unnecessary to pay a high price just to avoid being alone.


As far as work goes, Aries, your performance will border on perfect; you'll work really hard if you work on commission or target goals.

You'll be quite skilled at negotiating for small improvements in your current situation, such as a weekly bonus, or more flexibility in your schedule to balance out work and family life. You should think that whatever you achieve will also allow others to in turn improve their own circumstances.

That doesn't mean this Thursday will be a bed of roses, but you won't be afraid of a challenge. And you won't feel jealous either when you see that less valid employees get their share of good rewards as well.

One final piece of advice: remember that the simpler things are, the better results they give. Don't overcomplicate yourself just because.


Although confident in your physique, you're too stiff.  Last-minute changes and improvisation will make you get stuck at a standstill and cause your nerves to skyrocket.

If you're feeling tension clenching on your neck, find a way to disconnect, relax on your own and let your demons fly away. Don't carry the weight of the whole universe on your shoulders.