Aries Tuesday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, February 23, 2021: Your creativity will soar and fly away limitlessly

You'll experience a nice family and love life


Aries, at a large scope, the stars predict you'll experience a nice family and love life; in order for everything to go well, bury the past deep down and far away, because if there's dirty laundry arising, you could be facing your partner in a challenge.

If Pandora's box is open, don't try to minimise the issue or dodge it. Pretending that it doesn't exist isn't the right thing to do! Have a calm and civilised conversation with your beloved to sort it out; that's the one and only valid choice.

If you're single, you're afraid to be stood up on a date; you'll be highly mistrusting of the person you've agreed to see, and you'll make sure multiple times that they're coming (you could even be labelled as too annoying).

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Your professional life will unfold in a serious environment,  perhaps too stiff and formal for some. What's good about this? That the situation won't get too hard to handle, and some things might even improve.

Don't loan any money or other costly materials (a laptop, a next-gen cellphone) to friends or family, because you'll be in trouble when you try to get back what's yours (and of course, there's no interest rates coming for you either).

Today's a pretty profitable day if you work anywhere in humanities, such as journalism, writing or research, just to name a few. Your creativity will soar and fly away limitlessly.


Your nerves are extremely in check. You're moving on from some ailments that made you suffer over the weekend and looking into the horizon with an optimistic glance.

Try to do regular relaxing exercises and you'll get good results; you've got enough by doing them two to three times a week. Learn to breathe in deep; the right way to inhale and exhale will help your muscles get some much needed oxygen.

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