The sign of Aries in half a purple circle

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, December 23, 2020: Try to keep the promises you make

There's probably things you can still make happen


Aries, you'll need to work hard to rebuild your feasibility factor. Some of the lies you said in the past will come back to life today, so you'll need to make a great effort to avoid your family and partner from doubting your word.

In the same way, remember the promises you made to loved ones for the year that's about to finish. There's probably things you can still make happen, all you need to do is set your schedule right. Avoid making yourself look like a fool!

If you're single, telling your date what you think they want to hear won't make you the best lover, nor the most interesting one. How about not wearing a mask and revealing your authentic self? In the end, nobody's perfect.

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Use whatever cosmic boosts you get from the stars today to show your fiercest professional side. Start thinking about joining new courses or university degrees, refresh and increase your knowledge.

It's important to be updated in the field of expertise you work, especially with how competitive the market's becoming.

You'll see your ideas progressing, particularly if you work in the arts. Some projects that you suggested in the past quite shyly will become more steady and come closer. As far as home finances go, you shouldn't go all out.


You'll be pretty distracted about health, and you'll carry out impulsive acts that will play tricks on your wellness. You need to think harder before taking a wild plunge.

You won't do too well with intense activities because your nerves could feel the pain. Swap coffee for lime and valerian tea.

To send away bad vibrations starting to nest in your soul, fresh air will be your best friend. Go to areas where there's plenty of trees and flora. You can take your dog for a walk, or go play with your kids.

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