Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, August 23, 2020: Defend your current position at work

You'll break ties with monotony through creative proposals


Aries, you might just be the most romantic sign in the whole zodiac wheel; this Sunday, love will be running deep, flooding your soul to the brim and helping you get rid of some of your doubts and insecurities. Married life will be protected, and you'll break ties with monotony through creative proposals.

Your partner's willing to let go, they want to experience beautiful sensations in unusual locations, although they don't know how to put it into words just yet.

You'll surprise people with your love if you're single. And if you've got a budding romance, you'll manage to take an important step. Others, however, will end their week with love at first sight, and that sudden romantic hit will fill you with hope.


It's time to defend your position at work from external threats, Aries. There are people close around you that hinder your progress and feel jealous about your success. They have no kindness or affection in their heart.

You should try not to waste time with rumours or gossip today; nearly everything you hear will be untrue, and it's all meant to create more insecurities inside you.

Since luck will be on your side, you'll be able to see who wants you to do well and who's wearing sheepskin, ready to pounce.

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Venus will help you love yourself better and encourage you to get your physical game going strong to end the week.

Try not to hang out too often around polluted areas; your lungs need fresh, clean air, not one that's full of toxic fumes and elements. Besides, did you know that pollution accelerates skin aging processes?

In the same way, you'll be better off at quiet places, avoiding crowded ones; it'll help your mind get cleared off of issues.

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