Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, November 22, 2020: Focus on results rather than appearances

Try keeping up a discreet attitude today


Aries, you're aware of the fact that some opinions can't be shared out loud to avoid making others uncomfortable or upset. If all of us said the truth and revealed every single thought we have inside, shielding ourselves in our honestly, we'd get involved in a neverending storm.

Take a break this Sunday and see how many secrets you're keeping from your partner, and if there were any people involved, who knows about those details in your life. There could be a traitor among the ranks who might reveal what you'd prefer to keep a secret.

Try keeping up a discreet attitude today to avoid opening Pandora's box or giving importance to situations that are nothing but past history.

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Don't be so focused on appearances, and shift your focus into results instead. You're trying to convey an image of power and absolute control of your working life, but you know that this isn't always true, and sometimes you even forget or send onto someone else your most basic responsibilities.

What's more, you know you've made serious mistakes before, and sometimes they awaken your deepest fears at the risk of them coming out into the spotlight.

In that sense, you'll be able to rest assured. Everything's under control, but don't trip on the same stone again.

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Has it been long since you last went for a doctor's appointment? It might be good to get a full check-up and make sure that everything's okay and at the right level.

Learn to get away from work, don't take your worries home, and while you're at it, give up on your phone and computer a little more often. You could be unknowingly addicted to new technologies.

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