Aries Monday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Monday, March 22, 2021: You can always redirect your path for good

Take a break and a deep breath or two


Aries, jealousy will become a blunt weapon  as the week begins. The stars predict it'll be you who is jealous about the attention and glances that your partner might get. Imagination, however, will play some nasty tricks on you, and you'll find malice and ugliness in moves that are actually quite innocent.

Things could get so irritating, someone you fully trust will tell you off and encourage you to take a break and a deep breath or two.

If you're single, you know there are certain life paths that you can't tread. Go back and redirect your path for good, because you still can. You always can, actually.

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Get ready for a great event! It might be an important meeting, or the sign-up of a very important document, but today you could earn a seriously great deal of money.

Whoever's looking for a partner or sponsor could feel an immediately shared chemistry with someone they meet in a casual environment. If you work with family members, let others take the wheel behind the team; it isn't good that you're always the one in charge.

Remember whatever gifts you've got to buy for birthdays or anniversaries of any kind because time flies by and it could soon be breathing down on you.


You'll feel particularly healthy today. You're fitting in well with some events that have become a part of today, even better than usual. To feel fully free, cross off your list those chores you consider boring and tedious.

There won't be anything or anyone wiping that smile off your face, and you'll make others rejoice when they're around you too. Your happiness will be contagious!

Your cooking creativity will stand out and you'll manage to create some exquisite dishes (although they might not be as healthy as you'd initially expect them to).

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