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Aries Horoscope - Friday, January 22, 2021: Visit your eldest relatives today

Reinforce some secret alliances which you can use any time


Aries, you'll take plenty of inner journeys this Friday, to the deepest core of your inner self. You'll want to know more about your origins, you'll protect your roots and will understand how the passing of time helps each of us work on our own identity.

By taking a look behind, you'll laugh at some of your old fears, just like the one that made you think you would never be loved, because you felt special and unique, yet also strange.

It wouldn't be too crazy to show your partner and family more affection. Use the weekend to visit your eldest relatives, especially if they took care of you during your childhood.

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You'll have to keep your eyes open at work.  You'll have to make a move at the right time and pay attention to signs around you. Be equally spontaneous and reserved.

This Friday you'll be able to enlarge your contact network (there's professional networks online, which is very interesting in that sense). It wouldn't be too bad an idea either to reinforce some secret alliances which you can use any time you feel it convenient.

As far as your finances go, you'll want to keep a strict control of your expenses, as well as the savings you've been keeping away in the bottom drawer of your vanity (or under the mattress, just like our elders used to do back in the day).


If you're fighting a chronic illness, you'll feel particularly well, and some lucky individuals will receive information on a brand new treatment that will help you feel better.

Use the day to get in shape, especially if you're leaving a stressful time behind, or one where your mood was down in the dumps.

Your appetite will be out of control, so you'll have to tie your gluttony down and keep it at bay. This is one of those days when the mood for sweets and chocolate is hitting you hard.

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