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Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, December 22, 2020: Use your happy, bubbly personality

The Sun still shines to fill your hearts with light and warmth


Aries, your life is filled with colours.  You don't let grey (and of course, black) dull down your reality. Bring out your happy, bubbly personality, because this Tuesday you've got plenty of good reasons to smile.

Your partner's all locked up in their inner world, and although you won't understand their attitude change, you'll see it's something temporary, and you'll help them see the Sun still shines to fill your hearts with light and warmth.

And if you're single, you've got to take a step further in conversations with the person you like. Otherwise, you won't go past the friend stage (which isn't too bad either, really).

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You need to learn from your history,  both personally and professionally. If you follow the path you've been on thus far, you'll be doomed to repeat the mistakes you made some time ago.

Make strong steps, stop pretending that everything's going smooth. There's always a concern or two going around your mind.

If poverty's starting to knock on your door, you'll have to take a swift turn and try out new fields of expertise. Explore emerging fields or think about finding a second part-time job that sets your accounts straight.


Even if you go to excess, deep inside you're ready to lead a healthy lifestyle.  You want to keep physical (and soul) pain away from your life. But it'll be hard not to fall prey to temptation with those harmful habits of yours.

You should admit that it isn't easy to go on a diet, make muscle mass, or quitting drinking, but that's the only way you can send frustration away and clear your ideas up.

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