Aries Horoscope Saturday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, August 22, 2020: Work harder on your digital footprint

There's a great energy flow running through your heart


There's a great energy flow running through your heart,  and you'll feel extremely comfortable when making your social and work life your top priorities. Thus, you'll put aside your love and family life, and if you've got a partner, the other person might be greatly disappointed.

Sometimes you rejoice in celebrating new people coming into your life, and you forget about those that have been there from the beginning, the ones that help you get up when you trip and fall.

Aries, if this goes on for much longer and you keep placing friends and business partners ahead of your family, it could be a serious and costly mistake.


Keep a tighter, closer control on personal data whenever you use social networks. You're exposing yourself completely for free, and this could be counterproductive for certain types of business. Be mindful of your digital footprint and work harder and more carefully on it.

This Saturday, try not to use your credit card in front of strangers; they could be paying close attention to your PIN code. There's no need to pave an easy road for those who want to make you the target of their scamming operations.

By keeping a close eye on your card, you'll break free from a likely consumeristic behaviour, especially through the serious temptation of online shops.

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Harmony and connection are mighty present in your life, and they give you a good dose of wellness. You'll be free from the headaches that had been disturbing your peace and quiet over the last few weeks.

You'll enjoy a sense of improvement if you've recently undergone surgery, especially if connected to an injury in any of your limbs.

Be patient if you're on a diet or quitting a harmful habit; things are sure to improve over the course of the next few days, so rest assured, Aries.