The Aries sign

Aries Horoscope - Monday, December 21, 2020: Train your brain just as much as your body

You're all loaded up with energy and a fighting spirit


Aries, you're becoming the star liar  of the zodiac wheel, at least for today. So here's some advice: if you're going to lie to your partner about some information you'd rather have hidden away from them, make sure you've got proper alibis under your sleeve.

But pay attention! The stars won't make you prone to cheating, but you will feel more inclined to hiding the truth.

Maybe you'll throw out little white lies to avoid creating distress related to your kids' education, of because there's an issue you think you'll sort out yourself and don't want to impose.

If you're single, you know that truth will eventually come out, so don't make up a second life just to woo the person you like. Be authentic!

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  • Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones... and see what the week of 21-27 December holds for you!


As far as work goes, the thirst for competition will multiply tenfold.  You're all loaded up with energy and a fighting spirit, and you'll never stop trying to see an improvement in your professional situation in order to achieve your most ambitious goals. Be bold and try hard, and you'll get to the top without wearing yourself thin in the process.

Stop looking into recent past and think about the present: do you know what you'll have to decide on yet to make your accounts fall into a green oasis? Tie down your desire for luxury and art, and keep a tighter grip on your budget.


Your body needs training, but your brain needs some exercise too.  You can make it work by taking on new skills. Practice crafting, create tasty and healthy meals following instructions... whatever you like!

On the downside, there'll be some minor digestive or blood flow issues going. It won't be too serious, but just to prevent further events, avoid excessively fatty foods.

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