Aries Horoscope Friday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Friday, November 20, 2020: Move on with your book of love

Keep calm when communicating with your partner


Aries, you'll appreciate yourself dearly,  especially if a long love story came to its end not long ago. This Friday's the perfect day to go out and hunt, find a new target, someone who can patch up together all the pieces your heart broke into.

If you're already in a relationship, keep calm when communicating with your partner; they're sensitive, and any gesture outside the usual could be seen as a form of despise. If you end up making mistakes, try to fix them sooner than later.

And if you're single, there's not too much adventure coming up for you. Perhaps you're being too snobbish and setting unrealistic expectations.


There's great professional connections happening, even more so if you work with plenty of people around you whether it's a team or a chain company, or because they're clients that you see on the regular.

You've got an important authority stance with good presence and a touch of sophisticated class that will allow you to reap some juicy rewards. And if there's people ready to rumble around you, you won't listen to them.

As far as finances go, be careful and don't brag about what you don't have. You shouldn't boast about your most precious belongings either, because you could fall prey to envy or even theft.

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External issues will render you sleepless today. You're too attentive to other people's needs, and if you don't handle that the right way, you might end up falling into an anxiety attack.

In this prelude to the weekend, try to keep your mind busy, and find distractions that make you happy. Promote actions that create plenty of self-love and be appreciative of everything you've got.

Through small details, you'll let the demons inside you fly away and never come back. Try to connect back to your inner self and the tiny little Aries you once were.