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Aries Horoscope - Saturday, March 20, 2021: Don't criticise other people's lifestyle

Bring out your inner chef and plan a special date


Aries, you'll have often heard that the stomach is usually the best ally to reach somebody's heart. And in that sense, your cooking skills could be your best asset to win over the heart of whoever you want.

Bring out your inner chef and plan a special date where there's foods famed for stimulating passion, such as seafood and champagne. Success will definitely come this Saturday, as long as you work a little harder for it, of course. Ordering pizza should never be the first choice!

Today will be a day filled with fun conversations, spicy glances and real connections. If you're in a relationship, you're playing the game with the advantage of knowing what they like, so use that information.

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The current star arrangement will encourage you to ask for favours around work, perhaps because you want to go home earlier than usual, or because you become way too weak when the weekend comes.

You'll have some minor debts, mere anecdotes, for which you'll have to pay up someday whenever you're asked to help out.

But be careful about your wishes, especially if your finances aren't too great; don't give in to whims that lie beyond your real affordance limit. Be cautious and don't criticise other people's lifestyle, because if you enter the dangerous game of judging everyone, you'll end up badly hurt.


Bring out your spiritual side  and carry out activities that let energy flow free, to boost your wellness. It's never too late, for instance, to get acquainted with meditation and its benefits.

You'll reconnect with the world through nature walks, swimming around a few laps or doing any other mild but constantly dynamic activity.

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