Aries Saturday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, February 20, 2021: You'll feel mighty proud of who you are

You'll have a poise that everyone will admire


Aries, you'll have a feline beauty today,  closer to the majesty of a lion king in the jungle than to that of a newborn kitten. You'll have a poise that everyone will admire, and your self-love will solve any issue that's lying around you.

You'll feel mighty proud of who you are, your partner and your family. You won't hesitate to challenge anyone who dares share judgment upon your romantic life or your loved ones.

You won't deal too well with criticism, even constructive one. You won't tolerate anyone telling you what you should change, and perhaps you might be taken over by a foul mood. It'll be hard for you to make distinctions between people who want you to do well and those who are only riling you up just because.

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There's overall good news in your career.  You'll be able to make good investments in fields that you're great at, although you'll feel kind of woozy when thinking about putting in more money than you should.

Some smoke-sellers will come along for the ride ready to make an extra living; they might toy around with basic factors like safety or even health, but the best thing for you will be to ignore any and all of their pleas.

On the other hand, you'll be updated on the professional news on your family's side. Perhaps one of your kids has landed the job they were applying for, or your partner got an unexpected promotion.


You should control the use (and abuse) of headphones.  Because we live in a highly noisy society, these kinds of devices are usually set to a volume higher than the standard, and in the long run your ears could end up taking the blow.

If you've got a medical check-up today, you can rest assured, because everything will be alright. Your body's made of steel, as hard as you find that to be true.

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