Aries Tuesday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, April 20, 2021: Your married life will be a comfortable affair

There's a new chance to reignite the flames of love


Aries, couples will have a better, more sensual time  as the week begins. As far as veteran couples go, you'll see that the universe is setting out a new chance to reignite the flames of love. You'll enjoy rejoicing in love as if you were a teenager.

Your married life will be a comfortable affair, except if separation is a topic you've discussed greatly already. Leave big room for improvisation so that life surprises you with its best plans ahead.

If you're single, you'll know what moves to make. You understand that happiness is something on close reach, not a utopian fantasy you should fight hard to get.


The fact that your professional life is quite intense  is causing you to waste too much time when you actually don't need to. A coffee break with your colleagues here, a phone break over there...

Think about what can be done to make the most of your time. Plan your acts in accordance to how important they truly are. It might be smart to delegate some of your tasks if you see yourself getting overwhelmed.

You've got great chances to enrich your life through interesting meetings or lectures that help you see your job from a different perspective, especially if it's connected to foreign business deals in any way.


You'll find inner peace through reading,  especially if it relates to spiritual or religious topics. You'll understand you're the compass that must guide you through life, and that you can't always rely on others to make progress.

In any case, you'll know how to wisely manage any advice and tips offered by people close to you through actively listening to them.

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