Aries Horoscope Friday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Friday, October 2, 2020: A past romantic flame is coming back

Don't feel overwhelmed if you've seen your passion go up and down


Someone from your past is coming back  to make your life just a tad more difficult; some of you will fight with your ex about divorce arrangements, or perhaps an old flame will call upon your door asking for a second chance.

This is a slightly complex Friday, Aries, because nerves will be taking the wheel today. Don't lose direction and you won't be missing out on any happiness.

And don't feel overwhelmed if you've seen your passion go up and down as of lately; you can't be a volcano filled with fire 24/7. If you're single, you'll be more interested in romantic stories than in quick flings.


You're making bold moves at work. You want to try out new routes to reach the same successful end goal, and you'll find there's no obstacles on your path.

As the weekend looms in closer, you should get your debts sorted out and pay off as many as you can. Have your off days come along with perfect accounts and don't let anyone point out you're the embodiment of an IOU.

Here's some advice: don't mistake being frugal for being greedy; if you've got plenty stashed away but then don't share it with anyone else, the lonely feeling you'll get will be twice as strong.

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You'll get good news from your doctor if you await results of some tests; besides, those of you fighting mental illness or addiction will have an enlightened, strong Friday ahead.

You'll be more concerned about the wellness of people around you than your own.

Your personal power is strong, and you'll have to find out all by yourself how to channel it and use it wisely.

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