Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, November 2, 2020: You'll be ready to go totally crazy

The stars will guide you in the right direction today


Aries, your heart will be doing okay, so you'll do your best to avoid living a boring romantic life. The feeling that your home is stuck in an endless routine will become past history, because fun is starting to poke its head around the horizon.

You'll want to go totally crazy, and the stars will guide you in the right direction so that your other half follows your pace and even improves your proposals.

There's calm coming for those of you who are currently single. This first Monday in November, it'll be easier for you to see friendship than actual romantic relationships.


You'll use your eloquence wisely, because there's going to be some clashing due to financial and professional affairs. This could very well be a clash with people who work in your same field of expertise and see you as a competitor.

Don't let other people's jealousy drive you away from the right track. If they want to shine, they should do so out of their own merits and effort, not by treading on your name or your previous experience.

Are you subscribed to many services you no longer use, ranging all the way from a gym to pay-per-view TV? Make a thorough list of every monthly fee you pay, and see which could be cut off your budget.

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Take good care of your throat, don't expose it to clashing temperatures too often, and before you go to bed, have a nice warm cup of milk and honey; it'll do wonders on you. And don't abuse air conditioning, it could dry your throat too much.

If you're going through excessive stress from the last weekend, which had some particularly intense moments, going on some swimming laps would be perfect.

You could leave your problems to melt and disappear in the water, feeling it engulf you all around, and becoming one with it.

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