Aries Horoscope for Friday

Aries Horoscope - Friday, April 2, 2021: Set yourself some new goals at work

Make sure that the fires of love at home stay alight


Aries, if you're single you won't have much of a signal from Venus. The planet of love seems to be more focused in other areas that have nothing to do with your heart.

If you're married, you should keep working to make sure that the fires of love at home stay alight. Be right there for your partner through thick and thin, and control your irrepressible fear of change. You should remember that there's nothing wrong with seeing changes and progress in your shared life cycle.

Pay close attention to a good friend (or perhaps someone in your family), who has something important to share. Don't judge them, or give them unsolicited advice; all they need is someone who will listen.

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Set yourself some new work goals, even if the week is coming to a close. You'll be able to get wherever you want thanks to your perfect inner power, which you'll pair up with intuition. You need a steadier professional life, and you're growing tired of going here and there trying to find a warm place.

Get into action, move around and break ties with what makes you unhappy. Stop thinking that the fates are already set out for you, and don't keep quiet while others are building up a nest.

You'll surely find success just by working a little harder. The prelude to the weekend is also a good time to get your bank account and debts in order.


You should admit to the fact that you often make up issues when you don't really have them, or you go look after them, whatever you want to call it. It's as if you were almost desperate to keep your mind going after a solution.

Over this first Friday in April, the stars will protect you and no one will be able to harm you, so you'll feel invincible.

If you've got a bike, take a chance at sunset to go away with it and take a tour while you're breathing in, and if you can, go somewhere with clean, fresh air.

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