Aries Friday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Friday, March 19, 2021: Your creativity will go across all borders

You'll feel passion coming back home


Aries, you'll feel passion coming back home and there'll be a full firework display in your bedroom. As a preview to romantic success, you could have a delicious dinner and a dessert all about strawberries and champagne, which are famed for their aphrodisiac properties.

Is your partner going through issues? You might have to face some trouble, then. You'll sort them out easily, but that's where they'll be, awaiting an immediate solution.

And if you're free and unattached, you'll be concerned about keeping up good looks. Your predisposition to serial dating and original meet-ups will stand out. You want to take advantage of the lurking weekend.

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You feel that, whenever you work, there's lots of people watching, especially if the activity to carry out involves handling cash. Don't trail off the right track and everything will be fine.

Those of you who will have a bit of a harder day will be the ones dodging the law. And this isn't just buying or selling illegal items, but also anyone working without a formal contract, and therefore committing fraud.

It'll be a great day if you're on an artistic project; your creativity will stand out and you'll find new horizons to reach.


If today's a good day, go outside and walk for a while, letting the sun enlighten you and energise you. In the same way, open up your doors and windows, bring the light in and draw off foul vibrations. 

Your eyesight could be an issue. You could get a sty, or have your glasses break apart at the most unfortunate of instances).

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