Aries Friday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Friday, February 19, 2021: Your dreams are hinting towards your future

You can love someone with no past fear or trauma in sight


Aries, you're still working on your self-love  and you're more convinced than ever that you can love someone with no past fear or trauma in sight. The ghosts that used to haunt you are now out of your life and you're not letting them come back in.

In the same way, you'll forgive yourself for some of your recent mistakes and bad choices, and you'll be indulgent to your partner if they're the ones who made a mistake or broke your romantic pact.

If you're single, you'll feel like Cupid's flying around you, and you'll feel a crush for someone who doesn't fit what you're expected to like. You'll know how to identify that person from the warmth coming out of their glance.

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You can handle your emotions well,  you'll know how and when to discuss work, and which words to say. You're one of the best at pairing up manners and spontaneity, and your messages will reach the right people.

You'll be lacking some objectivity when self-criticizing, though; you're too harsh on yourself professionally speaking. If you already know your weaknesses well, why dwell in that wound instead of finding a solution to them?

Friday will be an especially profitable day if you're looking for a business partner for a new endeavour, as well as for those of you currently unemployed and scattering your CV all over town.


The preview of the weekend will boost the reaping of juicy rewards as far as health and wellness go. Those of you who have done things well will feel satisfied, and you'll know that your willpower is just as good as the one you used to have long ago.

You're all in for activities that bring a sense of relaxation, and you're ready to back away from nervousness and stress. Besides that, your dreams will be soothing and will start hinting towards your nearest future.