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Aries Horoscope - Saturday, December 19, 2020: Independence will become your best friend

You might overlook the love at first sight you'll give to someone


Aries, there's a lack of harmony at home;  there's something missing, but you can't pinpoint what it is no matter how open your ears and eyes are. If there's one word to define your relationship at the moment, it would be unstable.

Thus, you should try to control yourself, because your spirit is far too sensitive. You won't bite your tongue when it comes to letting out complaints, and that could wear your other half thin. You consider yourself a victim of circumstances.

In the same way, romance will be hard to deal with if you're single. Independence is your absolute best friend, and that's why you might overlook the love at first sight you'll give to someone into whom you'll bump today.

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You have absolutely no clue at all. You know your head's on top of your shoulders because you can see yourself in mirrors, but if you didn't, you could even believe you forgot it home.

Does this have consequences? Of course it does! You won't give a clean, orderly performance at work. You could mistake numbers, lose items, and you'll have overall mess-ups in any way possible.

You should be particularly careful if you work in hospitality services or cooking; those are areas where there's certain dangers because you're surrounded by fire, frying pans, knives and other similar items.


You'll be asked to explain yourself and your health this Saturday; there's things you're doing wrong which are affecting your wellness. You need to be more disciplined if you're fighting smoking or being overweight, just to mention a couple illnesses.

Many people will ask about your habits and life expectations. Don't think they're invading your privacy, they're only showing their love for you and telling you how important you are to their lives.

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