Aries Monday on a night sky background

Aries Horoscope - Monday, April 19, 2021: You'll keep questioning social expectations

Give your love foundations a deep reset


Aries, your love life might get over the top  and almost borderline obsessive. You'll focus plenty of your energy onto following the tracks of your beloved; you'll want to know what your partner is doing at all times, and with whom they get in and out.

You're all wrapped up inside a shawl of very dark energy, so you should give your love foundations a deep reset. Otherwise, you'll find yourself lonely and loveless. There's attitudes that are absolutely unforgivable and shouldn't be allowed to happen at all. Jealousy is no reason to justify any actions.

If you're divorced, you'll be surprised to see yourself involved in a fun and unexpected romantic mess-up. You're not too displeased about it, and you decide to happily make a move.


You're benefitting from the good connections at work with your colleagues to pick the quickest, easiest road to tread with certain tasks. You want to test some new professional skills while finding your own way in the process.

You'll question expectations quite deeply, because you refuse to feel trapped in unhealthy rivalry situations. You want to set your own pace and not have to explain yourself.

If you're a student, avoid all temptations that might cause you to waste too much time. You need to bring out your best over the next few days, so don't start off your week the wrong way.


If you've gone to excess over the weekend, you're in for a harsh Monday.  You'll feel like the price to pay is too costly, and all that quick fun wasn't worth the while.

And finally, if your sex life is kind of wild, you need to act smart and use any resource you can to stay disease-free. You've got the mission of not just protecting yourself, but also the other person.

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