Aries Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, November 18, 2020: There's good reasons to smile away

You should know that everything will be relatively calm


Aries, your communication will be weak as far as your partner is concerned. You should forget about using humour based on double meanings and irony as much as you can, because your words could hurt your partner, rather than making them laugh.

If you're holding yourself back, you should know that everything will be relatively calm. Pay attention to the needs of your kids or people under your watch, and be more affectionate than you usually are.

And if you're single, give up the fears that make you think you'll never find your other half. Be more confident in yourself, face reality as it comes, and you'll be able to overcome it strong at the other end.


Your self-confidence is growing powerful and strong,  and because it's beginning to root inside you, it'll help your financial position take a serious improvement.

You know the time has come to make interesting yet relevant choices at work. Let your potential sail through the roof and have your intuition guide you down the best path. You've got a great protection from the stars.

However, be measured and don't let yourself be swept away by greed. Don't trust those colleagues that encourage you to keep growing by forgetting about the small things in life, just to brag about having a proper career.

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The second-to-last month of the year is starting to lose its days along the way, and you don't know why, but you're being taken away by melancholy.  This Wednesday you'll miss friends that live far away, as well as those who are already gone.

Don't let sorrow eat you alive, and turn your emotions around. Keep in mind and in your heart whatever you've lived, with the most gorgeous memories connected, and think about making new memories with people around you. There's great reasons to smile harder than ever.