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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, March 18, 2021: You'll hand away your heart in the purest manner

You're carrying out plenty of inner journeys to see what's inside you


Aries, you think that love life is easy. You don't focus on complex situations, you're always aiming for simplicity, conflict-solving, and wanting to give more love and less arguments. In fact, today will be the day when you hand away your heart in the purest manner.

You're ready to finish off the first term of the year with your feelings in full swing and order. You're carrying out plenty of inner journeys to see what's inside you, even the concerns you haven't shared out loud before.

Your sense of humour will shine bright, and it'll be a great tool if you're single. You want to have fun, but to keep the rest of the world happy too. You'll find a reason to smile at all times, even if things seem to get too complicated to handle, and that'll be the perfect match for your power of seduction.

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You're highly awake at work. You're raising up your personal expectations because responsibility will be ingrained into your DNA today. There'll be people who try to get you to procrastinate, get off the main road, but you'll push them away and do your own thing.

You'll try hard to sort out old conflict, and you won't give up where others threw in their towel. Persistence always brings good things to your life, and so does staying strong and working hard without ever losing hope.


You should get into action without thinking too hard. Overthinking pending issues does nothing but create anxiety inside you.

Listen to your own body, because it knows what it's doing, and it's sending you completely visible signs when something goes wrong. Too much nervousness could come out onto your skin, for instance, or a poor diet could be seen through how your nails look.

Do some sport if you can, and try your best to include reflex training into it.

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