Aries Horoscope - Monday, January 18, 2021: You've grown up and changed from yesterday

Put together some of the pieces in your puzzled past


Aries, you'll get a phone call today,  and you'll hear the voice of someone you hadn't been in touch with for a good while. They're someone trying to get another chance to come into your life, maybe because you used to have a relationship of some sort in the past.

They'll help you put together some of the pieces in your puzzled past, and even though there won't be any sparks of love flying, there will be politeness and understanding.

You've come to realise that time goes by for everyone, and you're different from who you used to be yesterday. You've grown up, and you refuse to waste time and energy placing your bet on a horse you know won't finish the race.

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You should be discreet around work,  and avoid sharing your opinions on politics or religion in front of the wrong crowd. If you're too visceral about them, you could find yourself clashing with the person you should be fighting the least. For the sake of your paycheck, avoid all sorts of arguments today.

Some of you will find it nearly impossible to bite your tongue with certain statements. It'll be hard but definitely not impossible, though. Let each person say whatever, and use your own time and energy to carry out with the duties you've been assigned.


Sometimes we manage our health quite poorly,  and we intend to protect ourselves from certain trouble by generating more of it.

You're interested about being composed when it comes to wellness without being too pure about it. Some of you would sell your soul to the devil just to remain in a safe bubble to keep you away from the world.

Bet on the spirit of freedom, and stop frustration and foul vibes from handling your life. Never forget to wear your best smile!

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