Aries Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, August 18, 2020: It's your turn to be happy

Your partner will let go with the flow of passion


There'll be a renewed vibe to love, Aries,  especially if you're coming out of a years-long relationship.

You feel like moving on, forgetting about the pain of the past and use every waking minute to eat the world up. Don't be afraid and take a big bite to enjoy everything that the universe has in store for you! You deserve to be happy. Now, it's finally your turn.

For those of you just getting started on a relationship, there'll definitely be euphoria going on, so don't hesitate to plan daring activities, because your partner will let go with the flow. The hottest passions will come by nightfall when you'll become a burning volcano filled to the brim with pure, raw lava.


As far as business goes, limit risky operations as much as you can;  otherwise, you could experience severe issues that would take a really long time to get sorted out.

Analyse closely your latest bank statements, and you'll realise just how far you've gone with your expenses. The week's just taking its first baby steps, so you can stop in your tracks to take things down a notch.

Admit to the fact that you consume too much, you buy things you don't need, and you abuse other things like your car. Did you forget how much gasoline is now?

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In order to have strong health, Ariesyou need to find a sense of balance between organisation, perseverance and properly-aimed efforts. Try to focus on every positive thing that happens to you, and don't just stick to the bitter taste of hardship.

This Tuesday, your friends could give you some valuable advice for your psychological wellness; you'll find new ways to meditate, or how to achieve a more pleasant kind of rest when you're in bed.