Aries Wednesday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, March 17, 2021: You'll feel attracted to foreigners

You'll feel so willing to meet new people


Aries, you'll feel ready to win hearts over. You'll feel so willing to meet new people, especially those who live far away from you in a different city (or perhaps even country).

That interest in foreign culture is closely linked to the fear you feel about having face-to-face conversations. That's why you find it easier to talk through the computer or phone, on meet-up sites and social media.

For married couples, the Horoscope encourages you to bring some extra spice into the relationship. How about pulling out some adult games as nightfall draws nearer?

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At work, you'll learn from your mistakes, and instead of moping around, you'll transform your previous experiences into positive energy that will help you stay afloat with your head held high. While you're at it, watch your self-criticism level, because it might probably be lower than usual.

Some professional secrets could be spilled out today, and they could seriously change the perception you had of some colleagues from your section.

Watch your schedule closer and take a look at your planner to be able to successfully control your family and professional life; it's time to correct and improve what doesn't fit in completely.


Your mind's all set into the weekend despite it being quite far away still. You're getting excited thinking about where you'll go and who you'll meet up with for drinks.

Since you'll be going to excess when that moment comes, try to keep your diet pretty healthy today, and lower down on your calorie intake. Life's short, but you need to learn how to savour it with a little composure.

The universe will bring you some magical moments to experience, and you'll be open-mouthed in awe, unable to take in some situations that will make you more than happy.

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