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Aries Horoscope - Sunday, January 17, 2021: You'll embrace the passing of time

Create the right atmosphere for your partner to say whatever they want


Aries, you're forcing yourself to spend more time with your partner than you'd actually like. Also, you're trying to give depth to every single topic under discussion, as if you were blocking away all improvisation and casual vibes.

It's interesting to express how you see the world in words, as well as making sure your deepest emotions and desires are known, but you should alternate these with more casual, mindless topics.

In the same way, you should create the right atmosphere for your partner to say whatever they want about any topic possible: children's upbringing, their political stance towards the current environment, or their religious beliefs, just to name a few.

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Take advantage of today as a Sunday to get your mind off work, if you're lucky enough to do so. Forget about your phone and don't waste time nor energy into talking about stories from the office or company.

Some of you will think hard about some ideas to make the most of your home, perhaps for some financial profit, even. For instance, you could rent one of the rooms you aren't using. Having a roommate would imply being able to share expenses.

And if living with strangers isn't your thing, you might consider renting spaces occasionally for a few days or weeks. There's plenty of companies who do this already, so why not you?


You're not quite defeating the fear of aging,  so you'll try new activities that delay that process as long as you can.

The basic pillars holding the structure of anti-aging are a healthy diet, some sport and a proper stress and anger management, although some of you will consider going under the knife to correct what you don't like about your external looks.

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