Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, February 17, 2021: Watch your insecurities closely

There's always a rainbow calming things down after a storm


Aries, you know that there's always a rainbow  calming things down after a storm, so you won't consider those rough edges around your relationship too important. You'll even try to heal them up in order to soothe down whatever ailment they brought on.

You'll find any excuse available to love your partner, fill up the day with small details that make life a more romantic and fun affair, and there'll be a full firework display in your bedroom upon nightfall.

If you're single, you'll have a positive self-perception, and you'll trust physical attraction. But you should never forget that true beauty is found within, and that you should never try too hard in patching up flaws, because all of us have them at a greater or lesser extent.

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Be especially careful this Wednesday around work, because your criteria won't always be great and you could look like a fool to your colleagues in the blink of an eye.

You'll think that, by taking the wheel without being asked to do so, you'll be sorting out a series of issues of which you actually don't know half the extent.

You should also watch real estate closet if you're thinking about renting out a home you're not currently using; find quality tenants that ensure there'll be a payment coming, and that won't play around with your earnings.


It's time to overcome your occasional fear of going to the doctor. Sometimes you'd rather medicate following your own criteria, because you're absolutely against hospitals and healing clinics. How long has it been since you last ran a check-up?

On the other hand, watch your insecurities closely, because they could be beaming out today. The more you love yourself and your body, the easier life will get.