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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, December 17, 2020: You'll do better at work than at love

Look into the future with measured ambition


Aries, the week reaches its halfway point with a bit of romantic erosion for you, and in some homes there'll be a crisis arising. No matter how much you try to pretend things are going okay, there'll be painful scars coming.

The arguments today could be led by uncomfortable family situations, especially linked to your partner's family. You might not get along with your parents or siblings-in-law, but it's better if you don't rile anyone up to avoid dire mistakes.

All in all, you'll have pretty dull thoughts, it'll be hard to see the bright side of life for you, and your hopes will fade as days go by.

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It'll be better for you professionally and financially speaking; in that sense, today you could be paid some serious cash. It won't be a present, but a bonus or an extra payment for a job well done.

Use those new resources wisely and maturely, and look into the future with measured ambition. However, there'll be people that will encourage you to break ties with pre-set paths and follow your own way.

As Christmas is kicking in deeper, it'll be interesting to cut down on your expenses. Don't join every party you're invited to, or your bank will be left out in the cold. In the same way, you should be more careful when choosing the people you're gifting to.


That intense social life we were talking about before could play tricks against your wellness. The scale will show a higher number than you want, and your tiredness will create quite a noticeable lack of focus.

In this life, you can do everything and anything you want if you find a sense of balance. It's time to dive inside you and find your personal center of gravitation. Fight the nerves that you can't control sometimes, and let out excess energy with fun activities.

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