Aries Saturday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Saturday, April 17, 2021: Cut down on useless expenses

Your loved ones will openly share their love and affection


Aries, as the weekend begins, you'll be slightly concerned today.  You've got a huge collection of insecurities, fears and past love wounds which haven't fully healed yet.

Doubt will fly all around your mind, because you're unsure of whether the people you love (like your partner or kids) love you back as much as you do them.

Fortunately, as the day progresses, you'll see those suspicions shouldn't be there. Your loved ones will openly share their love and affection, and you shouldn't completely rule out the idea of your bedroom filling up with spicy fireworks upon nightfall. It's Saturday, and your body is ready for action.


Monotony has taken over your career,  and at a first glance there's nothing serious that should be reported. A colleague will help you take on your duties efficiently, and they'll show you how to reap those rewards you've previously sown.

If you're ambitious and greedy, you'll start doubting the legal qualities of certain businesses. You don't know whether everything's where it should be, nor if it might be best to leave before the situation gets too serious. If you're highly affluent, you'll consider getting a new asset manager.

Be fastidious and tidy with your banking. Keep any legal documents you might need at close range, and cut down on some useless expenses.


After a tough week of work, you don't feel like doing anything.  Staying put in the couch lazing around is good for you, but taking a brisk walk outside never hurt anyone.

Watch your schedule when having meals, and don't go to bed with too full a stomach (or too many drinks on you). Otherwise, you might experience nightmares that will break your sleep routine.

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