Aries Horoscope Friday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Friday, October 16, 2020: You'll be noble and highly willing

You'll try to keep a calm marital environment at all costs


Aries, you've got a noble and willing shawl over you,  and you'll try to keep a calm marital environment at all costs, filled with beautiful gestures and even more beautiful words.

Keep in mind that the stars won't make it easy for you, and you might make reckless mistakes. For instance, you could make a severe yet relevant comment that could gravely hurt your partner or date (or your current flame, if you're still single).

In some homes, jealousy will create the perfect mood for clashing, whether you cause it or suffer it. It's important that you never see your beloved like an object you own, but their own person who can make decisions for themselves.


It's unnecessary that you're claimed to pay debts,  even more so at your age. You're perfectly aware that there's leaks in your finances, and you better patch them up before you're embarrassed beyond belief.

Your skies tell that someone will call, either upon your door or to your phone, to make a nice business proposal. You're in luck, because this arrangement fits your professional profile and current concerns.

Lastly, watch the minor expenses you usually make in your daily life, which imply a small but constant money leak: the cup of coffee you have at work every morning, the candy you buy for an afternoon snack... and that's just to name a couple.

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Nightmares will take the wheel of your rest time.  To ward them off, place some red coral near your pillow. And while you're at it, relax before bed by having a nice cup of warm milk or some soothing herbs.

Have seasonal fruits and veggies as much as you can, and if they're reaped and sown in nearby areas, that'll be even better. You'll be making a contribution to turning the world into a more sustainable place.