Aries Horoscope Monday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Monday, November 16, 2020: You'll feel safe and sound at home

Find new areas to discover, paths that you'd left uncharted thus far


Aries, the winds making the boat of your heart sail through will encourage you to find new areas to discover,  paths that you'd left uncharted thus far. Don't be afraid to explore far-off, exotic places; leave fear deep inside the closet, and live life as it comes.

Take advantage of these new boosters if you're single, especially if you're getting to know someone who's getting your hopes a little upper than usual. But here's some advice: don't compare this project to your old relationships; you'll lose the battle if you do.

A lack of marital harmony will definitely become a serious issue; if you're going through a crisis point, you'll seriously consider separation. Outside your boundaries, the sun will shine brighter for sure. However, there should be no disrespect allowed.


The experiences from last weekend got you a little off-track, and it'll be hard for you to find your way this Monday. The day will become harsher if you work anywhere in science or maths.

While you're at it, watch your expenses and be more cautious. Whatever permissions you're giving yourself today could become a serious financial breakdown tomorrow in the blink of an eye.

Besides, Christmas is just around the corner, and in those special days, everyone's accounts are left out in the cold. There's ways you can stretch money; all you need is a will to do it in a witty way.

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You'll keep up a great pace all day long, with more than enough energy to deal with your duties successfully.

Your home will become your main operation station today, and you'll feel safe and sound there. However, you'll become obsessed with your external looks, particularly so if you've had a physical issue that's haunting you again: skin acne, dandruff in your hair... and that's just to name a couple.

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