Aries Tuesday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, March 16, 2021: It's time to go slow but steady

Shower your romantic interest with compliments


Aries, your partner needs you to flatter them a little more than usual,  although they won't ask for it. They've got the feeling you're all locked up inside your own world selfishly, as if you had forgotten to put quality time into your relationship.

Think it through a little bit. Do you tell them how good they look when you go out for dinner, or do you just take it for granted and never say a thing? Silence could be so much more hurtful than many nasty words.

And if you're single, today could also be a good day to shower your romantic interest with compliments. Go slow but steady if you want to get to a commitment stage.

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Business connections will be perfect because every partner involved will be independent, but you'll be in sync at the same time. You'll row in the right direction and take on whatever chance you've got in front of you.

However, you need to keep your image in a closer check, especially through social media. You often portray a careless, reckless persona, perhaps shrouded in a kind of humour that only you can get.

If you're out of work at the moment, you could be surprised by a job interview call, or an interesting business proposal (as long as you're actively seeking work to do, going to extremes to get a chance).


The stars encourage you to avoid being blinded by fad health trends, like juice or smoothie-based diets, or products that promise you to experience a miracle. In order to take care of your diet, you should trust local produce instead.

Try not to fill your plate up with fatty, fried or deep-fried foods every time, and do some outdoor sport. That'll be enough to have a good day ahead of you.

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