Aries Tuesday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, February 16, 2021: Cut down on unnecessary expenses

It's time to regain control and find a sense of balance


Aries, you're under the influence of that little devil  whispering into your ear, and you'll feel like being excessively jealous and possessive. You'll feel like your partner's a piece of property only you can enjoy. An attitude which, needless to say, is absolutely unhealthy and unreasonable.

Fortunately, Venus, the planet of love, will help you regain control and find a sense of balance in this situation. If your other half complains about your attitude, they're totally entitled to do so. Your partner doesn't need your permission to get out of the house whenever they feel like it!

And if you're single, this Tuesday you're in for quite an interesting meeting as far as your profession goes; perhaps an attractive colleague will give you their phone number for you two to get to know one another.

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Today you'll take a step back  and think about how to refresh your work methods. The strong influence from the planets will push you into committing to new ambitious projects; it'll be the time and place to run risks, and you love doing that!

Watch some of your expenses very closely, because there's money flying off of your wallet gradually. You know that little by little, your account could be left out in the cold, so it's time to cut things down and forget about unnecessary expenses. This could range all the way from the cups of coffee you have at the bar near your home when you leave for the day, to the taxis you use instead of walking everywhere.


Stop having such a stiff attitude  and don't blame yourself for something that goes wrong (for instance, a diet through which you don't lose as much weight as you expected to).

Find yourself some self-compassion, because you'll connect to the world better, and you'll fight the nervousness you usually sink in.

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