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Aries Horoscope - Wednesday, December 16, 2020: Your family will make it easy for you

There'll be a nice environment in every corner of your home


Aries, there's good harmony with your partner,  but also with the rest of your loved ones. They'll make things pretty easy for you and there'll be a nice environment in every corner of your home.

Leave family planning and children's upbringing for another day, and avoid using foul words that could be seen like a challenge by your partner.

The youngest ones will bring your mood into cloud nine, no matter how hard the day has been for you. You'll need some extra luck if you're going out to find a date, because Cupid isn't too willing to shoot his arrows onto you.

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Your focus will fade back and forth  throughout today, and with all this coming and going you could make some dire mistakes. There'll be times when your colleagues or clients will talk to you and you won't know what they're trying to tell you.

If you need to close an important deal today, read thoroughly every page you're supposed to sign, because your absentmindedness could lead you into being tricked. Pay attention to what you've got in your hands, and clarify any ambiguous areas.

Some money you were expecting back will be delayed and you'll have to ask the other person explicitly to get up to date with their payments.


You own up to the fact that you're kind of off-track for many things. Tiredness will take the wheel today, and you'll have to reschedule to do your very best.

You'd do well burning a green candle to ward off bad vibrations around you, and if it's made of natural wax, that'll be even better.

At least your hunger will be in check, and you won't try to silence those pressing issues inside you with large meals.

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