Aries Friday on a sky background

Aries Horoscope - Friday, April 16, 2021: Embracing minor behavioural changes

You've started doing things following your heart's desire


Aries, your love life will be smooth sailing.  You're extremely focused right now, and you've started doing things following your heart's desire. You've grown tired of following everyone else's moves and lose your personal essence in the process.

In that sense, if you're single, you'll meet someone who shocks you with their authenticity. They'll see things in your same perspective, and you'll be so similar to one another, it might end up shocking you.

As far as married couples go, your partner will embrace minor behavioural changes of yours, although it won't be too bad an idea for you two to sit down and share your current concerns. Perhaps they too are in need of evolution or changing tracks.


You'll receive a career proposal  from a family member or friend who will want to make the most of your knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, their trust with you will lead them into trying to pay you less than you'd deserve.

If any business is on the speed track to success, it's the one connected to computers and communications. You'll stand out if you work anywhere in those two fields, and you'll make people feel envious about your position, some of them in a healthier way than others.

Pay close attention to small things at work, because they're the ones that make you trip the most often. You don't want to close your working week with a wake-up call, do you?


There's a lot of bad health-related news  in the mass media, and this might cause you to feel ill at some point throughout the day. However, it's all up in your head, you're fine.

Under a general scope, your physical endurance will increase. You'll feel more dynamic than you've been feeling as of lately, and you'll enjoy team-based sports tremendously.

In your free time, try to read a nice book that gets you to faraway places without ever having to leave the house.

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