Aries Horoscope Thursday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Thursday, October 15, 2020: You'll want a nice, flowing conversation

You'll feel extremely comfortable in your self-chosen freedom


Aries, you'll enjoy an excellent attitude to cut off all ties with communication issues in your relationship. You want conversation to flow freely and authentically. You won't be afraid at all to discuss serious issues, those that people usually keep hidden to avoid making things awkward.

If you could choose, you'd tear down the foundations of your relationship if the goal is to build more solid ones. You've grown bored with hypocrisy, the fakery of social networks, and empty speeches that lead nowhere.

Thus, you'll make strong moves as far as love goes, and you'll do your best to find balance. If you're single, you'll hand over the wheel to your whims, and you'll feel extremely comfortable in your self-chosen freedom.


This Thursday will be a good day if you're seeking a job or trying to change the one you have for a better one. However, don't just wait to see a job opening fall on your lap; you'll have to move around, and quite a lot at that.

Don't be afraid to call upon the same door more than once. There might be companies that could need you right now, but not a month ago when you sent out your CV. Persistence is the key to succeed.

And if you're waiting for changes to happen, take a good look at the place where you're aiming. Are you sure you're not fully okay where you're currently standing?

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You're actually quite healthy,  and you feel your strength and tone getting bigger and better. Use them wisely by, say, making a strong entrance into the gym, or doing chores around the house or carrying out duties at work that require some serious endurance.

You'll feel interested about new sports, and you'll even find some that will make you feel satisfied. However, remember that progress takes a long road, and you won't become a winner out of the blue.

If you've got chronic issues going, you'll improve with the help of new treatments.