Aries Horoscope Sunday 2020

Aries Horoscope - Sunday, November 15, 2020: You'll be extra lucky if you want to change jobs

You should aim to be more discreet and keep away your judgment


Aries, you'll be welcome to comment on gossip and rumours  (more or less backed up by facts) on other people's lives. You'll analyse how they behave and carry themselves out when it comes to their romantic and family relationships, and their breakups. This should be fun.

The only trouble is that, whenever you see there's issues going on outside, you can't spot what's going wrong around you. You should be more attentive to personal issues, rather than those of your neighbours'. Perhaps you're experiencing what you're so eager to criticise on others.

Thus, you should aim to be more discreet and keep away your judgment; don't look for victims or culprits around you. Otherwise, you could be the one under close scrutiny pretty soon.


If you're thinking about working from home, you'll find great sources of support. You definitely could do great things, more than you've been told you might do.

Before jumping into any new career adventures, run a feasibility check and find your strengths and weaknesses; that way, you'll make short but safe steps.

If you're looking for work (either because you're unemployed or you want to change jobs), you're in luck; your CV could be a good asset to someone in power. Remember not to lie, because you'd end up getting caught.

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Fear will hurt your health.  You enter panic mode whenever you think you could get sick, because the health crisis of COVID-19 is taking a serious toll this year, and you don't want to visit the hospital under any circumstances. Do some meditation to control that emotion.

You'll get really good chances at recovering from your throat pain, and if you work in public speaking or any other field where you have to sing or talk often, your day will come to an outstanding end.

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