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Aries Horoscope - Monday, February 15, 2021: Your thirst for freedom is increasing

There'll be many situations that make you happy


Aries, you won't recognise yourself today.  As February steps into the second half, your world is upside down, and there'll be many situations that make you happy on a daily basis that will feel extremely irritating today. Circumstances will lead you into questioning yourself and you won't be able to answer.

You'll feel a thirst for freedom, not willing to explain yourself to the world, and ready to take a warrior's stance and defend your right to sheer independence, even breaking some of the rules that used to reign over your love life thus far.

Fortunately for you, a good friend will give you some wise advice, and you'll soon realise what you should have and shouldn't have. You can always get some extent of freedom, as long as sensibility is queen.

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Your professional environment will get relaxing,  especially if you work in an area where many people depend on your choices.

But there might be someone a little too conflict-prone, perhaps an employee that's brand new to the group, or with whom you haven't spent too much time. You'll have to grow a lot of patience and a firm hand as well.

Some of you will be surprised by a dark cloud with a sudden bill rain. You'll find you've got more payments than expected to take care of, but you'll soon find new ways to patch those potholes (which aren't too big, so you should rest assured).


It's impossible to be forever young,  and there's no eternal youth potion out there. That's why you should accept years going by, including your looks (wrinkles, undereye bags, and so on).

Watch your nervous fatigue, forget about abusing coffee or other exciting drinks, and eliminate cigarettes and alcohol from your life.

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