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Daily Horoscope for Aries for Saturday, May 14, 2022

Aries, you're irresistibly attractive


Aries, you have to honour your thirst for living. If you're looking for passion today, there's no need to look far from you. Your Horoscope will put it right on your lap.

You've got an attraction that's hard to resist. That comes from your war strength and childish sweetness. Pay attention to a Gemini coming around.

This alliance is infinitely promising. An air sign is perfect to fuel your fire.

Don't walk into roads that lead into the wrong patch. Avoid wasting time.


The Daily Horoscope says you should listen and not be so stubborn. Ask for help to get your accounts into the green.

Today you'll get stuck in place when you try to manage your finances. Don't worry about it. It's just a slight detail you've overlooked.

Don't let pride defeat you, Aries. Find the help of those who are experts in the issue that's troubling you.

Can you imagine what would happen if humility was one of your many gifts? That would make you much more irresistible.

If you want to be a rebel, pick the right cause to give that a try.


Your Horoscope for today warns you that there might be challenges today. Around the workplace, you should be thankful for healthy competition.

There's no better motivation than facing a challenge. You may have to defend a project with claws and teeth to the end.

Gather strong allies around the office and prepare for battle. Don't let your impulses betray you. Get organised and keep impatience under control.

Choose a worthy rival and try not to get your ideas stolen, Aries.


Aries, you're overflowing with vitality. Today, good health is on your side. Find time off to enjoy yourself and the world around you.

Get surrounded in great company. Give in to little daily pleasures. Don't make a connection between happiness and luxury, and appreciate simplicity.

Learn to watch the world through the eyes of a child. Let yourself be surprised by unfolding events.

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