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Aries Horoscope - Thursday, January 14, 2021: You'll defend your privacy until the very end

The stars encourage you to be cautious with people around you


Aries, you won't tolerate anyone criticising the way you handle your relationship issues, and you'll defend your privacy until the very end.

You'll see that some of your friends and family are a little hypocritical, and they criticise some of your actions when you turn your back to them; but when they're right in front of you, they just smile away.

In the same way, the stars encourage you to be cautious with people around you. Don't spread any dirty laundry or secrets from people with whom you share any bonds. Silence will be brighter than golden in that sense.

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Around work, your sour sense of humour can sometimes lead you into being too close with your managers or other colleagues to whom you should pay some serious respect.

No one will call your attention for that, but more than one person and two will look at you like you've messed up seriously by saying the wrong thing, and you'll want to hide away in a corner and not come back out.

In order for these actions to avoid having consequences on your salary or reputation, try to fix your mistake soon by apologising. Just like in love, the stars encourage you to stay quiet and be cautious with your attitude.


You've done everything you possibly could and maybe even more to stay in shape and have a body that somehow looks like what you see in mass media.

In order to fight back specific issues such as fluid retention or cellulite, cut down on salty foods such as soy sauce, cured ham and ready-made meals.

Besides, you need to do whatever you can to sleep better without resorting to sleeping pills. Did you know that sleeping well and enough boosts sugar burn and helps you look slimmer?

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